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Homeless On Skid Row To Be Provided Housing, Ordered By Los Angeles Judge

Los Angeles judge orders the supply of housing to all homeless people on Skid Row.

Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Data from the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) shows that more than 66,000 people experienced homelessness in the Greater Los Angeles area in 2020.

Skid Row, an area in Downtown Los Angeles, has one of the largest homeless populations in the country. LAHSA statistics indicate that 1,383 homeless people died in 2020.

Skid Row (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

According to The Independent, many residents and community leaders filed a suit urging the city of Los Angeles to supply the homeless population with shelter. In response, a federal judge is now requiring that those currently living on Skid Row be housed by October 18, and that every woman and child on Skid Row be provided with housing in 90 days.

Judge David Carter’s order was published Tuesday. In it, Carter conveys his disapproval towards city officials while also denouncing the overwhelming number of homeless people, and deaths, in the city of Los Angeles:

“Los Angeles has lost its parks, beaches, schools, sidewalks, and highway systems due to the inaction of city and county officials who have left our homeless citizens with no other place to turn.

“All of the rhetoric, promises, plans, and budgeting cannot obscure the shameful reality of this crisis – that year after year, there are more homeless Angelenos, and year after year, more homeless Angelenos die on the streets.”

Woman on Skid Row (Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Attorney Skip Miller, who represents Los Angeles County, says the order exceeded what the suit had put forward. “We’re now evaluating our options, including the possibility of an appeal,” Miller states.

On the other hand, Los Angeles City Attorney Mike Feuer states: “We just received this massive order from Judge Carter.

We are reviewing it as I speak today, and we’ll have more to say about it in the near future, but today I will just indicate that we’re still analyzing the court’s ruling.”

This is not the only effort Los Angeles has made recently to ensure a better life for its citizens. Check out more here.

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