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Home Invader Shot Dead in Robbery Gone Wrong

Attempting home invasion while most people are at home is probably not the smartest idea.

Credit: YouTube/What Da Muck I'm Thinking

Right now, you should be staying inside your house as much as possible, and you definitely shouldn’t be robbing other people’s homes.  These two home invaders learned that the hard way.

Last Saturday, two masked men approached a home in Arlington Heights, Illinois.  They rang the doorbell, as Ring surveillance video recorded. Before doing so, they were seen fighting on tape.  After entering the home, an altercation took place.

There were two robbers, and one of them died due to being shot.  It is unclear right now who fired the bullet that led to the suspect’s death.  While the person who shot the bullet is not publicly known, the gunshot was sustained to the suspect’s abdomen, and has been ruled a homicide.  This suspect was a 58-year-old man named Larry Brodacz. He was pronounced dead at the scene of the crime. 

More surveillance footage caught one of the home’s residents punching the other suspect in the face.  This man escaped the home he’d invaded and was tracked down by police nearby. He has not faced any formal charges, yet.

Two resident children were also at the scene while this altercation took place, according to Arlington Heights police Commander Joseph Pinnello.  The police were called to the scene by a resident of the invaded home, who claimed there was a man with a gun inside of their home. 

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