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Guy With ‘DEVAST8’ Tattooed Across His Face Wonders Why He Can’t Get A Job

Hey, you got something on your face.

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I will never understand how people get gigantic face tattoos, but I don’t judge those who do. Simply because it’s not my face, and they can express themselves how they wish. Mark Cropp, on the other hand, got his drunk while he was in jail. It’s one hell of a sight.

Mark is finding it hard to land employment lately. Why? Well, employers have been slightly unsettled when they see “DEVAST8” tattooed across his face like a beard. The 19-year-old served a sentence in prison for aggravated assault after he pulled a knife on a tourist in 2015. Now, a free man, he’s been trying to better himself and put some food on the table for his family.


It’s a shame that he faces a certain amount of discrimination by employers, especially when he very clearly regrets his decisions. In fact, he regrets it so much so that he has decided to get the tattoo lasered off. Of course this is not the first case of this kind of profiling, but it’s at a point where there must be some kind of a lesson here. This is blatant, global proof on how limited we really are in our abilities to express ourselves freely… even if it you are tattooing “DEVAST8” across your face… I guess.

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