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Gaffes Galore: A Compilation of Biden’s Best Blunders from 2022

America has reached the halfway point of the Presidency for its oldest POTUS in history, Joe Biden. Following a tense mid-term election, the Democrats have managed to maintain their control of the US senate, though the Republicans gained control of the House of Representatives. To mark this turning point, here’s a compilation of the President’s greatest gaffes.

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#10 – “I want to thank uh, that fella down under”

In a press conference with the Bozmeister, Boris Johnson, and the Australian PM Scott Morrison, Biden express his gratitude to the “fella down under“. Unfortunately, Mr Morrison is not quite 6’4” or full of muscles.

#9 – “I promise you, the President has a big stick”

Quoting Theodore Roosevelt’s famous advice, “speak softly and carry a big stick”, Biden assured the media that Mr Obama had a “big stick”. All footage courtesy of the BBC.

#8 – “Barack America”

During the 2008 Presidential Election, Biden, who was then running for Vice President, welcomed his running candidate on stage, though accidentally called Obama “Barack America”. Thanks Obama.

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#7 – “Covid has taken this year…

Just the outbreak, has taken more than, 100 year, look, here’s- the lives, its just, ya think about it.” A true tragedy, many lives taken by the Coronavirus in the past century since 2020.

#6 – “I got hairy legs that turns blonde in the sun…

The kids used to come up and reach into the pool and rub my leg down so they could watch the hair come back up again. So I learned about roaches, and I learned about kids jumping on my lap, I love kids jumping on my lap.Like father like son.

#5 – “We’re gonna put y’all back in chains”

Biden’s speeches always do wonders for American race relations. If you don’t vote for him, you ain’t black.

#4 – *Sniff*

Both Trump and Biden have a natural talent for making women shifting in their shoes uncomfortably. They let you do it. You can do anything. Sniff ’em by the hair.

Credit: Washington Post / YouTube

#3 – “Poor kids are just as talented as white kids”

We hold these truths to be self-evident. All kids are created, by th-, you know, the thing.Quoting the constitution, always the mark of a true American patriot. You know, the thing.

#2 – “She was 12, I was 30. But anyway…

This woman helped me get an awful lot done.” Biden later revealed he actually just gone to that rally simply to pick up a cupcake.

Honourable Mention – Nordstream Pipeline

Nothing quite like watching the President of the United States menacingly promising he will “bring an end” to an oil pipeline owned by the Germans only a few months before that same pipeline was mysteriously sabotaged by “Russia”.

#1 – “Let’s Go Brandon”

Of all the gaffes during his long political career, nothing can top Biden’s 2021 Christmas Live Stream, in which a caller ended with “Let’s Go Brandon”, a euphemism for the phrase “Fuck Joe Biden”. Biden heartily agreed with the caller, much to the dismay of his wife.

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