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Fog in Wuhan Leads to Coronavirus Questions

This global health risk may be causing more than biological damage in Wuhan.

The Chinese outbreak of Coronavirus late last year sprang many theories among the public.  This new one, however, is grotesque.

The virus’s origins appeared in the city of Wuhan in China.  Accordingly, 56 million residents were placed under lockdown by the Chinese government.  This situation appears nightmarish, with doctors in hazmat suits treating sick patients in an inescapable city.  Moreso, Wuhan is inundated by fog.

One touted theory on the internet is that “infected bodies may be being cremated.”  Due to Chinese censorship and “lack of transparent data over the spread of the disease,” the concern over how high the death rate is in China due to the virus.  

Essentially, people are fearful that the death rate is higher than what it’s been reported. They believe that the Wuhanese government is burning infected bodies.  Hence, fog. Videos posted online, such as the one below, show people confused by the fog, which appeared abruptly.

Interestingly, the fog appeared following the Chinese National Health Commission’s order to cremate coronavirus fatalities.  This process was put in action to reduce the spread of the disease. Currently, those dying from the disease are primarily older, though one 36-year-old man has also passed away from the sickness.

Header image via Wikimedia Commons.

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