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Final Moments Of Christian Preacher’s Death By North Sentinel Island’s Indigenous Tribe Revealed

What a tragic way to go.

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If you haven’t heard of North Sentinel Island by now, then you’re probably even less influenced by technology than the Sentinelese are. The Indian tribe that lives on North Sentinel Island are secluded from the world and they plan to keep it that way, as they brutally attack any outsider that shows up on their shores.

The Indian government has laws set in place that forbid travel to the island because the islanders will be hostile. The laws are also a form of protection, to preserve the tribe’s way of life and to shield them from diseases that we in the outside world are already immune to.

So now that you’re caught up, a 27-year-old Christian preacher named John Allen Chau snuck his way onto the island to spread “the gospel of Jesus”. Chau knew the risks, but illegally paid local fisherman $325 to get him close to the island. He then got into his own canoe and rowed to shore. Need I mention that first off, Chau and the tribespeople do not speak the same language so where he got this magical idea to spread his religion with them is beyond me.

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Chau was not killed on the first day. Once ashore, the tribespeople launched arrows at him as he approached. Chau was able to make it back to his canoe and wait it out to try again the next day. Now here’s where things took a Lord of the Flies twist. On the second day, the tribespeople caught Chau by knocking him to the ground, tying a rope around his neck, and dragging him along the beach. They slung his body up on a tree as a warning for outsiders to stay away.

Officials are now trying to recover the body but it looks to be not only a very difficult challenge but a lost cause. Apparently, the fishermen that Chau bribed to get him close to the island are being charged with his murder, despite Chau taking responsibility in his journal: “I’m doing this to establish the kingdom of Jesus on the island…. Do not blame the natives if I am killed.”

And folks, that’s what happens when you try to impose your culture on other people. You can’t have an imperialist mentality and walk away without consequences. What did he think was going to happen? That the natives were going to understand his charades and automatically deny their own culture to believe in Christ? Get outta here.

For more imperialism, here’s Trump Allows Troops to Open Fire At Immigrants if They Throw Rocks!

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