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Employee Drugs Coworkers with LSD ‘To Remove Negative Energy’

*Do not try this at home*

Image Via: Medium

How many times have you wished you could drown out your coworkers because all they know how to do for the entire eights hours you are at work is complain?

Wouldn’t it just be great to drug all your coworkers so you could have a day of peace? Well that is what one man did. A 19-year-old Enterprise Rent-A-Car employee from Arnold, Missouri thought it would be a good idea to share some LSD with the people he works with. He spiked the water jug with the drug. He thought LSD would help remove the negative energy from the workplace…but he was definitely wrong.

Shortly after ingesting the drug, two of his coworkers started feeling shaky and dizzy and had to go to the hospital. Well that’s not the way to remove negative energy from the workplace. Apparently one of the managers saw him do this and elected to just not drink the water instead of warning people, or I don’t know, asking what he was doing?

Image Via: TravelPulse

After admitting what he did to the police, he could be charged with second-degree assault and possession of a controlled substance. Granted, there are worse things he could have done. But also, LSD? Really? I get wanting to make the workplace a better environment for everyone but is sending your coworkers on a mental trip really the best idea? Probably not.

If you’re curious about the way LSD can affect a person, check this out.

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