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Doomsday Is A Lot Closer Than You Think And Here’s Why

Be in the know about Doomsday.

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No one was kidding when they said you should prepare for the end of the world. Ever since 1947 scientists have taken upon themselves the task of warning us how much closer we are to doomsday. Thanks a lot, scientists!

Anywho, instead of bombarding the public with graphs upon graphs, and oh yeah, GRAPHS they resorted to a simpler approach- a metaphorical clock. The way this works is pretty simple. Scientists tell us how many minutes are between us and dying and midnight represents the end of the days.

While everyone was cheering and having their New Years kiss, 2018 isn’t looking so hot. It turns out we are just a mere two minutes away from doomsday. Here are some pretty hefty reasons as to why we got closer:

  • The “not so much of a threat” threat of nuclear war between the USA and North Korea is on the horizon
  • CO2 has increased along with the US withdrawal from the Paris Accord can only make climate change worse

The final reason, although it is more of an idea rather than fact, is due to Trump’s rise to political power that has dangerously reduced state diplomacy around the world

So what does this mean for us? Well, scientists are optimistic because we’ve been closer to “Doomsday” back in 1991 at the end of the Cold War. In a sense it pushes an individual to think if humans are capable of predicting Doomsday or is it something beyond our intellectual capacity. Tell us what you think and comment below!

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