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Donald Trump Offers a German Doctor $1 Billion For Exclusive Rights to the Coronavirus Vaccine

Does he realize how shaddy this is? Even more than he already is.

Well surprise surprise, Donald Trump is trying to do something else shaddy. I know, you’re going to be totally shocked to hear this president doing something morally objectionable. With the Coronavirus getting worse by the day around the globe, this president decided that trying to bribe a German scientist, who is working on a vaccine, to get the exclusive rights to it for Americans. Doesn’t that sound like a great idea? Millions of people are suffering and have died because of this disease but yes, by all means, lets take away potential medicine from people in countries that are suffering even more and just keep it for ourselves. That doesn’t make us look selfish at all. But nothing about this moron really shocks me anymore.

According to a source at, the president allegedly offered the German scientist $1 billion to have the exclusive rights to the vaccine once its ready. I agree with the writer of the article that it should surprise none of us that some people like the president are just looking for a way to see past the disease and straight to the dollar signs. It’s a sick reality but nevertheless a real one.

Germany’s Interior Minister Weighing In On This Claim

Horst Seehofer, Germany’s interior minister was asked about this claim of the president trying to get the rights from the company Curevac and this is what he had to say:

I can only say that I have heard several times today from government officials today that this is the case, and we will be discussing it in the crisis committee tomorrow” ( 1).

Tankilevitch, Polina. Scientist in Laboratory. 2020. Retrieved via

The U.S. has acknowledged that some kind of deal has been presented but nothing can be confirmed. Curevac also seems to be confused by the claim that they would even consider selling a vaccine to just the U.S. In a statement released by them, they said that “if they were able to develop a vaccine that they would then share this with the rest of the world and wouldn’t be selling it to a single state-a decision which has been praised by the German government” ( 2). At least they are doing the smart, right thing here.

Bottom line here, this president thinks its alright to try to bribe other countries for vaccines and then try to sell them to the rest of the world so he can make a profit, not the whole country just him. But again, why does anything he do surprise any of us anymore? This guy is one of the most selfish beings on the planet. His needs and agenda first, everything and everyone else second. I hope that Curevac is smart enough not to sell to him or to any one country and to just send it every country so they can get a handle on this disease and return some form of normalcy. In the meantime, stay safe out there everyone, no matter where you are! This is serious so lets stop the spread and get a handle on this.

Featured Image: The White House. President Trump Holds a News Conference on the Coronavirus. March 13, 2020. Retrieved via

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