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Dennis Rodman and Kanye West Are To Settle North Korea Chaos

This could get ugly.

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The situation with North Korea is already messed up as hell. We didn’t think the circumstances could get any worse. Boy, were we wrong. Just throw Dennis Rodman and Kanye West into the mix and you’ve got yourself a full-blown disaster.

For reasons unknown, Dennis Rodman is seemingly vital to negotiations with North Korea. Rodman and North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un have hit if off over their shared love of basketball. This is already ridiculous, but hold onto your seats because this is about to get a whole lot crazier.

At the recent Black Lives Matter summit, Kanye West discussed how big of an inspiration Rodman is to him. Rodman then revealed that he has a plan to bring Kanye out to North Korea because he thinks it will improve relations with the chaotic country.

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Rodman said the following:

“I think that he (Kim) respects me as far as understanding my views.

And Kanye, he’s doing amazing work around the world so I respect him too. So hopefully one day we’ll get together and collaborate on certain things.

Guess what, I’ll take Kanye West to North Korea with me. Matter of fact, I’m going to invite him next time I go to North Korea.

If the door’s open in September, I will invite Kanye West to go to North Korea with me.

If he wants to make an album about that he’ll be there for like six to seven days, and he’ll see what’s going on. Now, go make a song about this. So here you go.”

Well there you have it. Kanye and Rodman are going to North Korea together and are going to make world peace. Sounds like a solid plan.

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