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Cuba Offers to Pay Back £222 Million Czech Debt With Rum

They can’t say ‘no’ surely?

They can't say 'no' surely?

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The short-on-cash Cuba is willing to pay its £222 Million Czech debt with its trademark Rum.

According to the Czech Finance Ministry, Cuba owes a total of £222 million from the cold war era. Evidently, the Czech republic lent the money back when both countries were both part of the communist bloc. As a result, the Czech Finance Ministry says that the Cuban authorities have proposed to pay back the £222 million in instalments of the spirit.

If that proposal becomes reality, the Czechs would have enough Cuban Rum for well over a century. That is enough Rum to get every adult in the Czech republic drunk at least five fold. Wheeeee!

Michal Zurovec said Prague would still prefer if Cuba repaid the debt at least partly in cash. Unfortunately for the Czech, Cuba is unable to pay such an amount in cash. Rum will suffice then. In the past, North Korea offered to repay its £8 million debt in products made with ginseng. And In 1993, Russia offered New Zealand a nuclear submarine and two MiG jet fighters to settle a $100 million bill for dairy products including Anchor Butter.

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