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Criminals Steal 30,000 Condoms And $15,000 Of Sex Toys From Vegas Warehouse

Someone’s had a busy weekend!

Featured Image Via: CNN

30,000 condoms? Someone had a busy weekend! 

Buying anything sex-related in public is almost taboo, and makes for an incredibly awkward experience. However, these men have found a way around such embarrassment!

A Swedish sex toy company was robbed during the Memorial Day weekend. Criminals decided to steal an estimated 30,000 condoms on Friday evening and were caught on warehouse CCTV.

However, after their ordeal on Friday, the same men arrived at the warehouse to break down the door and load a further $15,000 worth of sex toys into their car!

To be honest, I’d love to know what they were planning. Are they running some shady sex business on the side? Or, did they just have a really wild weekend planned?

If you were going to steal something though, you’d think you’d go for something that could easily be sold on at a profit. I doubt that many people are looking for their sex toys on a street corner from dodgy looking sellers…

Despite this, these criminals must have a plan; they’ve raked up some serious losses for this Condom and Sex Toy Company!

Now, these stealing students have the right idea! 

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