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San Francisco Sky Turns Orange As Wildfires Fires Take Over The Area

The apocalyptic sky looks more like Mars than earth.

Credit: Twitter/ @anaisisdrawing

The internet has been flooded in recent days with photos from west coast of America looking eerily like Mars. The continuous wildfires have resulted in an intense orange hue of numerous large cities. 

The fires causing the apocalyptic seen have spread over a record breaking 2.5 million acres of land, which is about 2,343 square miles, and have tragically killed at least eight people.

The resulting ash has then been carried by winds of up to 75mph across the state into San Francisco, meaning there will be a lot of ash and debris left behind when the wind drops. 

Image via Twitter/ @Comical

One resident, Catherine Geeslin, told the San Fransisco Chronicle that ‘it feels like the end of the world’.

She went on to say that it was ‘alarming’ initially when she woke to see it still dark, but claimed that it is just something that people will haver to get used to. 

One man has managed to get creative with the situation, posting a cinematic style video of the fires to his Youtube channel with the eerie Blade Runner music playing over the top of it. 

Credit: YouTube/ Terrythethunder

The video has been shared millions of times collectively on Twitter, creating a mixed response. One user felt that the video showed a disconnect from the worrying environmental root of the fires. 

Via Twitter/ @diesanx

This outlook was shared by many, with one user wondering why there is not more outrage about the worrying climate change effects. 

Via Twitter/ @Pichunfli

Although wildfires occur every year in the area, according to NASA this year they are moving exceptionally fast, with 20 major cities currently burning simultaneously. This has obviously been a huge strain on fire departments across the area, with some becoming trapped by the blazes. 

Over 64,000 people have been evacuated from their homes so far, as well as three prisons. The fire around San Francisco alone is thought to have already destroyed close to a thousand homes and buildings, with more expected to come. 

Daniel Swain, a climate scientist from UCLA, has shared the extreme nature of this year’s blazes on Twitter, calling their speed ‘historically unprecedented’.

Via Twitter/ @Weather_West

The devastating effects of climate change are being seen more and more often. Check out what you can do to help here….

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