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Chinese Companies Fake Rate Hundreds Of Apps Via “Click Farms”

Everything is a lie!

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This is fraud on a massive scale. Tons of apps have fake ratings from these so called “Click Farms”. A machine is set so that over 10,000 phones that send out fraudulent ratings and “likes” for apps and social media accounts. They make thousands of dollars doing this for a wide variety of companies.

This is the main reason why you downloaded that photo collage app that had 100 positive reviews and only a handful of honest poor ones. The same app that crashes every time you try to even upload a picture? Now it makes sense! “Companies are offered services from “click farm” who ask for lots of dosh to make it appear as if a game has been downloaded thousands of times. It’s a tactic allegedly used by Z list celebrities desperate for a huge following on social media, too

If you think that is weird, just check out this creepy surprise some people received when smuggling spiders through bootleg Nintendo cartridges.

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