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Children’s Toy Vending Machine Dishes Out Ounce Of Cocaine

You can’t beat this bargain.

You can't beat this bargain.
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Do you want your cocaine for a bargain? This toy machine at the Taqueria Los Altos restaurant is under serious investigation after a young boy and his mother purchased what they thought was a toy, but actually turned out to be an ounce of cocaine.

Now what would an ounce of cocaine be doing in a vending machine full of kids’ toys? Could it be a conspiracy? A secret stash-hold for big time dealers? An inconspicuous pick up point for druggies? All of the above?

That’s not what this little boy and his mom thought as they bought what they thought was a putty ball. The boy innocently began playing with his new source of entertainment when it split open and squirted out a chunk of white powder.

The police were called to the scene immediately. The powder was tested and confirmed to be cocaine. The police then went on to search the entire machine, eventually discovering up to five ounces of the dangerous drug. ‘Snack Time Vending’ is the company which owned the toy machine. Now, officials are urging residents to notify police of any more encounters and to report the toys that were already sold to children.

On the other hand, if you want your coke for a bargain, you should venture out to your nearest ‘Snack Time Vending’ machine and put your well-earned quarter in. Until police clear them all out, that is.

Cocaine in children’s toys is shocking and perhaps a little unnerving but so is Jupiter’s Clouds and Cyclones!

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