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Businessman John McAfee Arrested for Wearing a Woman’s Thong as Face Mask in Norway

John McAfee causes a scene wearing thong as Covid-19 face covering

John McAfee causes a scene wearing thong as Covid-19 face covering

Founder of the software company McAfee Associates, John McAfee, claims he has been arrested in Norway after wearing a thong as a face covering. 

The 74-year-old English-American said that he was wearing the mask for ‘health’s sake’. The arrest reportedly came about due to his unwillingness to use a proper medically approved mask, rather than the act of wearing the thong itself.

McAfee claimed he was in a ‘tussle’ with police officers and had a ‘rough’ time, revealing a black eye on his Twitter page. Whilst being held in custody, he missed an important appointment with his group known as the ‘Red Scarf Society’. 

Meanwhile, John McAfee’s wife, Janice Dyson, flew home in their private jet with a bottle of champagne. She posted a video of herself, captioning it withJohn is the only person I know that can get you champagne while being detained!

His wife also took over his Twitter whilst he was held in custody. 

She said: I’ll manage John’s account until he escapes (the usual method), bribes someone (very quick – might be out in a few hours), retains the right lawyer (will be a few days) or becomes warden of the jail, in which case we will have to force him out.

She also claims in a Tweet that his thong mask “doesn’t recycle his exhaled carbon dioxide, like over the ear masks.” The Tweet also shows the black lace thong which he used.

The tycoon is no stranger to strange behavior such as this. His Twitter page acts as an outlet his outspoken personality, having stated several times that he has ’47’ biological children. 

In 2017, he also wrote that if the price of one bitcoin didn’t jump to $500,000 within three years, he would “eat my own dick on national television.”

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