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British Government Building Literal Bridges Over Brexit

That’s one way to get around losing their connection.

Credit: Wild Glass Photography/Shutterstock

That’s right, literal bridge building. That’ll fix Brexit.

So, some people are a little wary of Brexit. Donald Tusk – President of the European Council – appears to be one of them.

He forewarns “negative consequences” though in a seemingly concerned manner. “Our hearts are still open for you”, huh? It kind of sounds like he’s one step away from holding a boombox blasting out Peter Gabriel in our front yard to win us back.

However, Brexit isn’t all doom and gloom. Lovable hero of the British public Boris Johnson has proposed building a 22-mile bridge to link Britain and France together. This would be symbolic of unity between the two countries. And apparently, this isn’t impossible:

Bridge builder Ian Firth stated that it is “entirely feasible”. Elaborating further, he states how “there are bridges of a similar – if not quite the same – scale elsewhere. Of course, this would not be one big span – the economics may lean towards something like 800m-1km spans.” This guy is from the Institution of Structural Engineers, so he knows what he’s talking about.

But I gotta say, Boris, is sending some seriously mixed signals on our part. Let ’em move on, Boris! It’s cruel to keep them dangling like this.

Although, this isn’t even his first foray into this kind of thing. He also planned to create a “Boris Island” airport (which was rejected), and a garden bridge in central London (also rejected). It’s as if Boris just sees the world like a huge Lego set. Gotta admire the ambition at least.

This may not be a shock, considering this summit which discussed a post-Brexit City deal:

Following Macron’s tough talk, I can see why the desire to unite is so strong.

For more Brexit news, have a look at this.

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