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Battle Over Vaccines Continues: Convoy Heads to D.C.

Taking inspiration from the protest in Canada, a trucker convoy is set to descend upon the U.S. capital.

Credit: Bing Wen/ Shutterstock

Canada, which has long been regarded as the quieter, well-mannered brother of its southern neighbor, found itself in crisis recently. On 22 Jan. 2022, a convoy of truckers took to protesting vaccine mandates.

Calling itself the “Freedom Convoy,” spearheaded by a minority of truckers, far-right activists, and other disgruntled citizens, the protest brought Ottawa to its knees. A state of emergency was called in Ottawa to restore normal life and, of course, commerce.

The convoy strategically choked the passage between the Canadian and American auto industry, halting any sort of international shipments between the continental neighbors. Recently, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ordered the break up of the protest, which resulted in the arrest of  at least 100 people and the towing of over 20 vehicles. 

The protest drew the attention and awe of many Canadians, some of whom were prominent figures like Margaret Atwood, who watched their capital shutdown and cordoned off by the protestors.

Many opponents to Covid-19 mandates in the US watched the progress and success of the occupation of Canada’s capital, and as such, they took the cue to bring a similar such protest to the streets of Washington, D.C.

Naturally, the American capital was rattled after the assault on Capitol Hill that took place on 6 Jan. 2021, so when news of the convoy reached D.C., many made requests for assistance in order to keep order and avoid an Ottawa situation.

As of now, it is unclear the size of the convoy that will arrive in D.C., though it does appear that is will be a patchwork resistance compared to its Canadian counterpart.

The plan, for the Freedom Convoy USA 2022, as it refers to itself, was to set out from Los Angeles, California and traverse the country, with stops in large cities like Salt Lake City and Denver to attract more protestors.

The convoy wanted to descend upon Washington, D.C. on 1 March, the date of President Biden’s first State of the Union Address. Though, according to a New York Times report, the group couldn’t maintain its protestors. 

Two other groups, the People’s Convoy and the Texas Convoy, have planned the same arrival. They are set to merge into one, mass protest in the nation’s capital. 

A convoy spokesperson claimed he suspected “tens of thousands” would join in. As of now, it remains to be seen.

The Pentagon, however, has authorized the deployment of 700 National Guard troops to D.C. to assist with traffic control and prepare for any outcomes, according to the AP

With one day to go, the D.C. area prepares to hold its breath.

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