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As the Number of Knife Crimes in the UK Increase, the Cooking Knife Takes a New Shape

Viners’ new knife design may be revolutionary in the prevention of knife crimes and kitchen injuries.

Looking back at the previous decade, a worrying attribute to note is the rapid increase of knife crimes that took place during these years.

The offensive use of these dangerous tools applies particularly to the UK where knife crimes rose to a staggering count of 44 000 recorded instances in the year 2018-2019. While the UK government did re-classify kitchen knives as offensive weapons after the all-time-high of 28 fatalities caused by knife crimes in a year, little other action seems to be taking place in the eradication of these offenses. 

So if the government and the police won’t act accordingly, who will? The Sheffield-based cutlery company, Viners, has the answer to that. It’s time for the knife manufacturers to step up and take charge.

To reduce their product’s potential for harm, Viners is creating a new design for their kitchen knives that incorporates a round edge rather than the sharp point of the standard design. This means that the knife can’t pierce the skin, whether on accident or intentionally. Though there is still risk with using the tool that involves the sharp blade and its slicing capacity, the danger that comes with knife stabs specifically, is reduced to a great extent. While acting as a preventative tool, Viners also assures that their new product is designed to be highly professional and functional in the kitchen.

It might be some time before these more ‘friendly’ knives take over, and knives on the streets disappear for good, but for now all hands down to Viners for taking this first and important step in the fight to end knife crime!

Follow up on the knife subject with this article that addresses knife accidents in the kitchen.

Featured Image Credit: @ Viners

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