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AI Commits Suicide: Robot Gifted With Sentience Drowns Itself

Within seconds of being switched on.

Within seconds of being switched on.
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The one of the world’s first security robots ever to commercially hit the market unfortunately hits the pavement. This small robot born to protect and serve decided that the job was too much and drowned inside of a small indoor mall fountain. It was given artificial intelligence to be able to access a certain amount of tomfoolery and bring a perpetrator to justice. With great responsibility comes with great anguish.

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Poor small robot, I can understand how measuring morality can prove to be difficult but the real moral dilemma only perpetuates when the one exacting justice kills itself. This brings out more philosophical queries like “how much stress are security guards under everyday?” and “why are we renting out machines to be mall cops?”. Sometimes the answers to these questions are a true mystery. On the bright side, you can rent your own suicide-bot for only $7 an hour.

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Robots all around the world are stirring up news, like in the USA v.s. Japan robot rumble coming next month!

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