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VIDEO: Look Inside This $3.6 Million New York Apartment!

We cannot believe some of the things in this apartment.

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It is no secret that New York is a very expensive place to live. However, we bet you weren’t expecting a $3.6 million price tag on an apartment!

Ryan Serhant, known for ‘Million Dollar Listing New York’ and ‘Sell it like Serhant’ shows off this huge NYC home. Apartment number 1, at 224 East 14th Street in New York is described as the ‘most unique home in New York City’. This includes 5 rooms, 2 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, 500 square foot private outdoor space.

The space features exposed brick walls, a street-level office, a door to the outside that opens all the way and so much more. The outside turf is a nice change to the concrete jungle. There are indoor and outdoor kitchens to suit every weather and every occasion. This place would be perfect for a luxury party or a laid-back BBQ.

This apartment is impressive!

If you’ve got a musical side, then pull out the secret piano from underneath the breakfast bar. There is a lift to quickly go from floor to floor. How many flats in NYC do you know that have multiple floors, let alone a lift?!

Moving to the bedroom, the door works with magnets so no handles. Convert it into a hangout space by pushing the bed into the wall to reveal a sofa. There is a glass wall between the bedroom and en-suite that can be hidden by a blind. The bathroom screams America with the floor tile being made out of pennies and a bath mat made from an NY sewer.

In the living room, the whole front wall comes up using tracks. We don’t know how useful this would be with all the noise pollution and birds in New York, but it is cool. But don’t worry, there is a fish tank between you and the outside so you won’t accidentally fall.

This place is absolutely crazy. The epitome of laziness in some areas and absolutely extra in every way. We love it.

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