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Elevate Your Summer Style: 4 Affordable Essentials for 2023

Sunscreen, tote bags and sunglasses are all helpful to make sure you enjoy your vacation rather than stressing out!

Any day at the beach needs sunscreen. wavebreakmedia/Shutterstock.

As the weather warms up and school winds down, Gen Z looks forward to sun, sand, and fun. The beach, the beautiful lake days, and the vacations are just 4th beginning of making this summer one for the books. Of course, what does one need to make sure this summer will be the most memorable? Accessories and other essentials to spice up the season!

Vacations can be stressful due to packing and making sure everything is ready. A week at the beach, or even a day trip, needs a lot of planning to ensure everything is in order. You need tote bags, your phone, sunglasses, sunscreen, and tanning oil; the list can go on. Here are some great summer essentials at affordable prices!

1. Tote Bags

Tote bags are great for light travel while still being able to bring as much stuff as you need. Rather than a huge backpack, which can hurt your back, or a massive duffel bag that is a pain to lug around, a tote is the perfect size. Many tote bags can hold a beach towel, clothes, water, and laptops or chargers. Many have pockets and zippers too.

It is important to invest in a tote bag that is durable, your own style, and functional for what you need it for. If your are someone who needs backup snacks, water or clothes, a bigger size is better. Someone who just throws a towel and some flip-flops in their tote can opt for a smaller tote. All in all, these tote bags are affordable for college students and teens.

Target has small bags for as little as $12. This one is affordable and comes in black. his can hold smaller things you do not want covered in sand.

2. Skin Safety

The sun can be dangerous if not taken seriously. Of course, many love a great tan and sitting in the sun. However, sunscreen is so important to maintain good health. Many people do not understand that you can still get a great tan while wearing sunscreen; it is important as to which one you use and how often it is applied.

BeachBum is a great brand that listens to its customers. Catering to Gen Z, they offer tinted lip balm with great SPF. You can buy some on Amazon by following this link. Only $6 with SPF 15! People often forget about their lips and that, yes, they can get burned too!

Sunscreen should be applied every couple of hours, and you can use tanning oil or spray with it. The best sunscreen is waterproof, especially if you plan to catch some waves at the beach. Another great and affordable sunscreen is made by Banana Boat and Neutrogena. These brands can be found in your local Target, Walmart, or Walgreens.

3. Sunnies and Hats

Accessories for the beach can make or break your Instagram post. Floppy hats, baseball caps, and Y2k sunnies are in. If big hats are not your thing, opt for a sun visor or bandana. Hats help prevent sunburn on the scalp, a tricky area to get sunscreen on.

Old Navy has affordable sunglasses. They have a slew of different styles, all ranging between $5-$15. @rocky_barnes on Instagram shows off her Old Navy outfit in the reel above. So chic!

Floppy hats are super easy to incorporate into any outfit. A day at the beach, or shopping, or even a casual hangout by the pool. Amazon has floppy hats made from straw in colors like white, creme, and brown.

Baseball caps and trucker hats are also super popular for all genders. Super cute to pair with a bathing suit or cover-up, and it also helps prevent messy hair and sunburn. Trucker hats have a more curved rim in the front, while baseball caps are more flat. Tiktoker @jamievanslooten shares her collection of trucker hats.

@jamievanslooten FINALLY POSTING ALL MY TRUCKER HATS #truckerhatcollection #truckerhat @hatsbymadi @brooks.workshop @aviatornation @honeybykait ♬ original sound – jamie van slooten

4. Best Summer Ahead

This summer will become a great season filled with memories with family and friends. Beach days and fun vacations are on many people’s minds. With that, getting these beach essentials will not only take travel and beach days easier but your style and health better! Happy summer!

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