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MOVO Offers Moms Free Wine on Mother’s Day

Enjoy a free drink on MOVO this Mother’s Day.

JillWellington / Pixabay

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. It’s a day for love, togetherness, and most of all…wine. And with all the innovations in the adult beverage world, it makes sense to try something new. MOVO Wine, a spritzer brand canned in Sonoma, California, is using this holiday to promote their products by offering a special deal for moms.

MOVO Wine has many flavors of wine spritzers at only 100 calories, like Raspberry Rosé, Blood Orange Sangria, and Peach White Blend for moms to try this Sunday. 

Moms who are frustrated by the quarantine, their work, their kids, or just life in general can call the MOVO hotline to vent their frustrations. That’s right – at 1-833-3-SCREAM-4-WINE, moms can scream, laugh, or cry without consequence. 

The benefits don’t stop at getting a free opportunity to express your frustrations. Following the call, an automated recording directs moms to a website where they can redeem a chance for free wine. 

Molson Coors Beverage Company posted this Tweet to tell moms that it’s okay to feel frustrated and advertised their offer: 

Unfortunately, there’s a bit of work for moms to do to get the wine. Using the website provided by the automated voice, navigate the website. MOVO will Venmo the funds. Then, all moms have left to do is to purchase the wine from a local store. 

This is certainly an unprecedented marketing stunt. Maybe the current state of chaos that the world is in really did bring people together. Or maybe this is just another company searching for an edge. Either way, free wine sounds pretty good to me. 

Whether you are a mother, you have a mother, or you know a mother, Mother’s Day is a special day for celebrating life and family. Make sure to check in on loved ones and, if they need a pick-me-up, tell them about the sweet deal that MOVO offers. 

For more of the same, check out this article about red wine pairings. 

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