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WATCH: Check Out This Luxury Home Worth Forty-Five Million Dollars

The pool’s not even Olympic sized, luxury properties are really going downhill…..

Do you need a new mansion? Is your current one starting to become a little bit run-down and dilapidated? Well, you’re in luck. 

A luxury mansion, with all the necessary modern fixings, is on the market for a cool 45 million dollars in Vail, Colorado. The home is nestled in between the snowy trees and mountains and is only a short trip away from the town’s ski resort – which is the largest in Colorado.

Take a look at this video to take a tour around the home in a fashionably virtual way:

A steam room, heated decks and patios, a 75-foot pool with a glass bottom and glass walls which look out upon the magnificent scenery are just some of the amenities a wealthy buyer will have at their disposal.

Putting the mansion aside for just a second, the town of Vail seems a cool place to live. It has a pretty small population, however, it is immensely popular with tourists – even being mentioned in an episode of Friends. It holds many festivals throughout the year – including some dedicated to film, dance and classical music. 

So is the home for you? I thought there wasn’t a lot of colour to be honest, a tad drab for me. Also, those glass walls would send the heating bill skyrocketing. I would still live there though.

Get the cheque books out.

In tribute to Vail’s mentioned in a Friends episode, take a look at Jennifer Aniston’s attempt at pool.

Featured Image Credit – Youtube

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