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Genius At-Home “Tunneling” Candle Fix

Never lose another candle to soot and grime again, or the trash!– with this candle “tunneling” fix!

Credit: lucyparts / Instagram

Lucy Partington, who works as a beauty editor at Stylist Magazine, has revealed the end-all trick for all of our needs!– okay, not all of them, but at least our highly important candle needs. Tunneling, of course. 

Here is our “Before.” If you didn’t know what tunneling was, it is when the area around the wick is sunken and wax stays around the rim of the glass. 

Image via lucyparts / Instagram

Now, if you’re like me, you have about 20 candles in your house, with 5-10 more hidden under sinks and in cabinets for when the lit ones die. Yeah, my boyfriend has a huuuge candle obsession (his sister personally got him 8 – EIGHT – candles for Christmas…). Anyways, we like to burn ours for a few hours or so on end and always always end up with tunneling! And then when you go to re-light candles there is black soot on your hands, it is the definition of first world problems here! 

But, regardless, I have found the solution for it. 

Image via lucyparts / Instagram

Lucy suggests adding a bit of tinfoil around the edges, so the edges can melt and even out. By adding the tinfoil for around one hour, with enough room and height for the wick to burn safely, the wax should even out. 

Images via lucyparts / Instagram

The results are actually stunning! The candle returns to its original in-store state. And this “quick-fix” doesn’t have to be repeated! As long as you burn a new candle for an hour or so when it is first lit, and then burn them at an hour per inch of wax, tunneling for your candles will be a thing of the past. 

Image via lucyparts / Instagram

Now lets ALL agree to never ruin our candles again! 


And while you’re stuck at home, have some fun indoors with an online cocktail party!

Feature image via lucyparts / Instagram
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