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Young, Dumb & Drunk: Alcohol and Its Effects on the Brain

Does alcohol really kill your brain cells?

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Whether it’s a tailgate, backyard barbecue, bachelor party, or movie night in, people love alcohol. Pinterest moms and frat boys alike invent fun drinks for holidays or themes, celebrating the euphoria that comes with every sip. But does drinking come with a cost to your brain?

For years US agencies scared children into thinking that drinking alcohol kills brain cells. And between the shift of the legal drinking age from 18 to 21 in 1984 and the Satanic Panic of the 80s, alcohol earned a reputation for immorality. The governmental M-O was to promote workplace prosperity and made these legal beverages the juice of the devil. Every funneled beer and jello shot meant sacrificing intelligence forever, condemning America’s youth to lemonade and iced tea.

Recent information, however, reveals that alcohol’s effect on brain cells has been exaggerated for years to dissuade people from drinking.

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A source on BroBible suggests that while alcohol consumption can hinder your ability to think and have long-term negative effects, your Sunday mimosas or daily nightcap won’t kill your brain cells. I repeat: drinking alcohol does not kill your brain cells. However, it will damage your cells if you drink heavily for long periods. 

There’s no consensus on what amount of alcohol is safe for frequent consumption, so use your best judgment to gauge your tolerance. Opt for drinks you really enjoy and savor them. Booze only on the weekends. Or get a hobby that doesn’t involve drinking. Whatever works for you. 

Another tip is to alternate water, or another non-alcoholic beverage, between drinks to slow your pace. This keeps your brain cells (and your wallet) safe on nights out. And always make sure to eat something before you drink; your body will thank you. You can also try methods like reconnective healing that address the root cause of your craving for alcohol and work on resolving it. 

Moderation is key to ensuring years of good times and efficient brain function. If a Monday night glass of wine calls your name, answer the call. If green tea is more your speed, drink up. No matter what you decide to do, remember to consider the consequences. 

Image from Andres Chaparro / Pexels

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