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Why Do I Feel Lazy and Unmotivated All The Time?

Your are programming yourself to be lazy.

A monkey yawning
Credit: Jon Rawlinson/Wikimedia Commons

The older I get, the more I learn that life is about balance. You don’t want to be lazy, but you also don’t want to be so driven that you miss out on life. Obviously, maintaining this balance is easier said than done. 

How You Do Anything Is How You Do Everything

In thinking about our lives, It’s fun to imagine the future, and it is easy to dwell on the past. It’s much harder to focus on the present moment and what is happening in front of you. Dwelling on the past and constantly thinking about the future leads to inaction and procrastination in the present moment.

Every single day you are bombarded with thoughts of the thousands of tasks you have to do. 

The way to approach your thoughts is to simply look within and take time differentiating which thoughts are useful and which aren’t. Moreover, understanding what is within your control in the PRESENT moment and taking action is a necessity to defeating laziness and procrastination. 

If the past has already happened and the future hasn’t happened, then the only moment you have is the present, and if you’re not even in the present, then where are you?

Make Your Bed

Credit: Daniel Foster/Flickr

Growing up, my Dad would encourage me to make my bed first thing in the morning. Being a college student and being away from home, he has not been able to make sure I’ve been committed to this. Naturally, I stopped making my bed. I didn’t understand the concept. Why would I waste time making the bed when I’m just going to get into it that very night? 

What I failed to see was it is not about the act of straightening out your covers, rather the habits that are created when you do it. If you start every day by making your bed you are starting every day with a reminder to take care of yourself. Moreover, you start the day by doing something immediately when it needs to be done.

Starting your day off with a “small” win like making your bed is astonishingly helpful in gaining momentum to complete other tasks throughout the rest of your day.

“Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts. This is the secret of success” – Swami Sivananda

How you handle today is exactly how you will handle the day that could make or break your career or your relationship.

Ask yourself: how do I perform at work? What are my friendships like? How do I approach a challenge? How do I act in the morning?

If you are lazy at work then or procrastinating completing your assignments, there’s a high chance that it’s stemming from your inability to take action with the little things in your personal life. 

If you can’t do the small things such as making your bed in the morning, how can you handle bigger tasks at work? Get the idea?

Everything Is Practice For The Big Show

How you do anything is how you do everything. Remember that.

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