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How to Manage a Healthy Lifestyle as Young Adult Before Summer

With careful planning, you CAN find a way to eat well on campus/off campus and add some exercise to your daily routine.

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It’s the winter season. This is typically the season when you would like to eat better and get more exercise, but lots of things keep getting in the way: classes, studying, parties, your budget (or lack of it!), fatigue, significant others, and sleep.

With careful planning, you CAN find a way to eat well on campus/off campus and add some exercise to your daily routine.

Step 1: Schedule out an exercise routine 

Woman doing yoga pose in the morning. Photo by Oluremi Adebayo/

Humans are fascinating beings that need fitness to survive. Humans must at least exercise 30 mins a day with two rest days. Studies show that exercising help, mainly cardio. Cardio fitness tends to be the overall exercise that helps the cardiovascular organs. For example, walking is one of the most common fitness routines affecting cardiovascular areas. Walking is something that every individual does daily. Most people walk to the store, go shopping, walk the beach, or go on a date in the park. Walking is an exercise that is an intense, easy cardiovascular activity that increases heart rate and speed.  Walking can help blood flow and high blood pressure and boost energy due to everyday stressors. 

Individuals need to set up an exercise routine that starts from the basics. Individuals should not do any challenging or advanced practices until the body is conditioned to do so because this can harm the body more than help. Also, a routine can help prepare the body. Experts suggest it takes 21 days for something to become a routine.  Beginners should plan to work out at least three days a week and then work their way up to five days a week.

Step 2: Changing Diet Lifestyle

Homemade granola breakfast. Image: Vladislav Noseek/Shuttershock

First things first,  individuals need to realize that diet is the most important step. Most people don’t know they eat quite a bit, but it is not the right food. Luckily enough, if you love eating fruits, vegetables, and nuts, so I feel like the transition to a better diet will be exciting. Individuals must take into factor that everyone will have a different diet depending on results. For example, to maintain weight but tone up, individuals must eat in a calorie deficit.

A calorie deficit is a diet that requires a person to maintain a certain amount of calories a day than is less than what they need. Eating 500 fewer calories than normal help loses weight. Diets don’t have to be a drastic change but it does impact a lot. If you have a diet, you must stick to it and be consistent. Diets also impact the way they experience the benefits faster.  Cheat days are also important for diets.

Lastly, Step 3: Management of new Lifestyle change 

Planning to budget for the monthly bills. Photo by Olia Danilevich/

Health has always been the backbone of the world since the dawn of time. America especially has struggled to keep up with the new health trends as people try to get back healthy. America is one of the most unhealthy countries due to its number of fast food chains. Fast food chains have sparked off around the world because it’s fast and cheap for those who are too affordable. Despite fast food chains being not good for you, it is very affordable versus buying food out of the store nowadays.

However, when it comes to 2020 when COVID-19 started, people had to stay home and cook. This epidemic played a huge role in everyone getting back into fitness and starting to eat healthily. Management on how to afford to keep up with this lifestyle will have to rely on budget. Budgeting by not eating fast food or limiting eating fast food will help maintain. Individuals need to find affordable memberships for gyms that can be able to work out. Yearly or Monthly members are very affordable for people who don’t have gyms at home. Even online workouts(at home), can be beneficial.

Another mention is to make sure to budget your spending on workout clothes. Workout clothes can be affordable if you go to thrift stores, Walmart, target, etc.  College students mostly find their items at local stores and cook at home. Cooking at home is very affordable than eating out. Eating out could be only on certain days such as cheat days.

Therefore, as Millennials and Generation Z, we are taught to grind hard and make life better for ourselves. So make sure to keep your health together on a budget, of course.

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