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Anti-Vaxxer Convinced By Doctor To Vaccinate Child

Medical student uses a patient’s own mind to convince her…

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Image taken from Sky News

Alongside climate change, vaccinations are among the most high-profile items in some of humanity’s war on science.

Vaccinations have largely eradicated some of the world’s most deadliest diseases. However, an increasing number of parents are choosing not to have their children vaccinated. This is due to a number of false claims that have been disproved, such as vaccines causing autism, vaccines contain unsafe toxins, and that vaccines will actually infect the child with the disease it is intended to fight. Many of these theories have been promoted by celebrities, such as Jenny McCarthy.

Medical Student Encounters Anti-Vaxxer

One medical student found a clever way to capitalize on the gullibility of the anti-vax movement. First, the student recognized the type of patient she was dealing with.

“She casually mentioned everything from 9/11 to chemtrails,” she recounted. “Of course, she loved the idea of the vaccine conspiracy as well, opting to not protect her one-year-old to stick it to big pharma.”

As part of the student’s role, she was interviewing the patient in preparation for the doctor. At one point, they reached the question of vaccines.

“She lists approximately 15 reasons why vaccines are more dangerous than the disease they protect against…in addition to the various evils of the pharmaceutical industry.”

Vaccinated - A doctor talks with a patient.
Image taken from Sick Chirpse.

Playing the Conspiracy Game

It was at this point the student decided to turn the patient’s own mind against her.

“Have you considered the possibility that ant-vaccine propaganda could be an attempt by the Russians or the Chinese to weaken the health of the United States population?” She asked the patient.

The patient was shaken. However, the tactic worked and the woman agreed to a modified vaccine schedule for the child.

“To this day I’m not sure the medical ethics of the situation are totally palatable, but goddamn the result was amazing!”

Why should you get vaccinated? We previously talked about the staggering number of deaths from preventable diseases.

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