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Gym in California Installs Workout Pods for Members – Is This the New Norm?

Amid COVID concerns, this gym in California creates individual spaces for clients to safely workout.

For many, staying fit and healthy is much more than keeping their outward appearance looking nice. Exercise can improve your mood, helps you sleep, can put some Zing back into your sex life, and it also can be a social event. One of my personal favorite exercise activities is attending cycling classes at our local gym. But when COVID hit hard, all non-essential places were closed and this included gyms.

It is very hard to maintain social distancing during workout classes and experts learned classes definitely spread the virus. This is why owner of Inspire South Bay Fitness, Peet Sapsin, felt like he needed to get creative prior to reopening his doors. Back in May, Sapsin shared on his personal Instagram account that he had created workout pods for his clients when doors could reopen.

Sapsin’s wife, “Tiny T” shared in an Instagram post that, “We said training with a mask is MANDATORY….. ? ? However, we’ve tried testing that out at home and it was HARD ?⁣” They both realized they would need to come up with something different and that is where the Gainz Pods were born. Apparently, they drew up and created the Pods out of PVC pipes and plastic — talk about the ultimate quarantine D.I.Y. project.

Honestly, these look really cool and will add the extra layer of protection people need. There will always be those people who think these measures are too far (we are looking at you, Business Insider), but in such uncertain times, it is far better to be safe than sorry. But what do you all think about the Gainz Pods? Would you workout in one or will you wait until things are fully reopened? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget to stay safe out there!

Featured image via Instagram | P E E T | F I T

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