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How Has Makeup Changed? The Impact of Makeup Trends on Beauty Standards

A look into the advantages of makeup and its evolution but also the downside and how it effects society.

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Until recently, the idea of wearing Makeup wasn’t exactly celebrated. However, as beauty standards have changed and more brands focus on inclusivity, the world has become a much more accepting place. Makeup has gone from being taboo to the mainstream with every passing year. With that being said, it’s essential to know how Makeup has changed and the impact these changes have had on our beauty standards over time.

While there are countless benefits to wearing Makeup, from looking your best to feel more confident in your own, not everyone feels this way as some view it as superficial and unnecessary. As a result, we take a look at some of the major change that has occurred over the past decades to better understand why they’ve occurred and what the future might hold for us as a society.

Beauty Standards Before Makeup

Before Makeup became mainstream, the beauty standards we had were drastically different. Women weren’t as often seen wearing Makeup, and there weren’t many makeup brands out there to help them feel more confident. Women were expected to wear Makeup in order to appear more attractive and attractive to the opposite sex.

However, many women felt pressured to wear Makeup for social and professional reasons, not just for their own reasons. This, coupled with the lack of makeup brands at the time, made Makeup a very taboo topic. That’s why it would be quite a surprise to discover how today’s beauty standards came to be.

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Once Makeup became more accepted, more makeup brands started to emerge. With more options came more diversity in terms of brands, makeup looks, and trends. The rise of makeup trends has had a significant impact on how we view Makeup as a whole. Did you know that makeup trends come and go with the seasons? While some are ubiquitous throughout the year, others are only popular for a certain period of the year.

New makeup trends often have a strong influence on beauty standards. For example, makeup trends like monochromatic Makeup, fox eye and contour have become quite popular in the past couple of years. This is largely due to the fact that these makeup trends have been so influential in the music industry, where many celebrities incorporate these looks.

Shifting Beauty Standards After Makeup Has Become Mainstream

It’s no secret that makeup trends can be quite fleeting. Although makeup trends can be quite influential, most of them tend to die out within a few years. Women quickly realized this and began to embrace Makeup as a way to stay looking young and beautiful even after the latest trends had faded. This is where anti-aging makeup brands came in.

With specific anti-aging makeup trends emerging, many women took advantage of them by investing in more affordable makeup products that were specifically formulated to improve their skin’s health. This is just one example of how makeup trends have shifted with time.

Makeup trends are also heavily influenced by legislation and legislation changes. When a certain makeup trend becomes too controversial or is deemed immoral, many brands will quickly replace the makeup trend with an alternative one.

Shifting Beauty Standards: The Future

As we look ahead to the future, it’s likely that many of these trends will continue to transform. In order to stay on top of the latest trends, you’ll want to make it a priority to educate yourself on makeup techniques and products. This way, you’ll be able to understand the impact they have on your beauty routine and make the most out of them.

With the rise of social media stars, there has been a significant increase in cosmetics endorsements. This new beauty standard of having high cheekbones, small noses, etc is clearly replicated in makeup trends in order to achieve this look. Although many love this style of makeup, it is also damaging to those who don’t have or desire these features.

Beauty standards have changed tremendously over the last decade. While it used to be taboo to wear Makeup, now it’s seen as a critical aspect of beauty. Moreover, makeup trends have significantly impacted how beauty standards have shifted. With so many different beauty trends emerging throughout the years, Makeup has remained at the forefront of beauty innovation. Saying this, it is safe to say that Makeup is here to stay.

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