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You Can Now Play Cards Against Humanity Online and For Free!

Social distancing game night idea!

If you think game night is cancelled amid the Corona Virus Pandemic: think again! Virtual happy hour is a thing on Day X of quarantine now, why not a hilarious game of virtual Cards Against Humanity to spice up your social distancing efforts? 

Cards Against Humanity is described as a “party game for horrible people.” Players mix and match cards with equally controversial situations and responses to make the funniest combinations imaginable (funny, horrifying, jaw-dropping, etc.). allows users to start a chatroom which can be shared with anyone else to play classic games like Checkers, Crazy Eight’s, Go Fish, and Match Up. Cards Against Humanity is an option, as well as creating your own unique game with friends. The best part is that the game is completely FREE. On Amazon the popular card game is sold for $25 USD, alternate versions notwithstanding, but allows these entertaining games to be played free of charge! This certainly makes the website worth checking out regardless.

Your moves are observed in real time from each person’s computer or tablet screen, which amps up the fun while paired with a Skype or Zoom video chat hangout. You have the chance to watch each other’s own shocked expressions in real, laggy time, while upholding social distancing guidelines

If you want to try out these popular card games yourself, simply click the link above to go to PlayingCards main page. Scroll down until you can see their options, and the Cards Against Humanity game is the very first option in the upper left hand corner.

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If you find yourself bored this weekend, maybe check out this quirky little website for some wholesome, or not-so-wholesome, fun. Maintaining a strong social circle via virtual games, virtual movie nights, or virtual pub nights can go a long way in keeping yourself happy, healthy and stimulated during this strenuous time. Read here to check out another entertainment option to occupy your time: a night on BROADWAY from your HOME. Stay safe, folks!

Image from Tom Bullock/Wikimedia

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