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Wonder Woman Sword Trick Is The Latest Trend

Wonder Woman’s sword trick is totally do-able in real life.

Wonder Woman's sword trick is totally do-able in real life.
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Thanks to 2017’s hit film Wonder Woman, a menacing fashion is trending.  Women from all over the world are posting pictures of their new glam: swords tucked in their dresses.

The trend is inspired by one of the film’s most riveting scenes, where Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot) makes her way through a room of enemy soldiers in her elegant blue gown, along with a charming accessory nestled between her shoulder blades.  Gadot makes running in heels look simple.

Fans thought: can we, too, look sexy and dangerous?  Facebook-user Eva Wei stepped up to the plate, and put it to the test for everyone.  

Wei posted a picture of herself with a regenyei, or a German long-sword, stuck down her white chiffon dress.  Her post caused the fashion statement to go viral.  Yes, you can indeed wear a slim-fitting dress that also acts as a weapon-holster.  But the trend is just a way for DC fanatics to imitate Gal’s look from the compelling scene, not actually a self-defense mechanism (Middle Ages are over, guys.)  Below is the photo Wei put on Facebook:

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“I took my regenyei onehander and shoved it down my sheer chiffon dress,” Wei wrote in her post.  “It worked… surprisingly well.  The sword sits pretty decent and I can walk and dance in it without that much of a fuss…So the verdict is that the scene is actually surprisingly plausible.”  So not only does Wei look bad ass, but if a sword fight ever breaks out at the ball–she’s ready.


#WWgotyourback #formalwearfortheapocalypse

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“Apparently this is a thing now,” Wei wrote.  “Grab a dress and your weapon of choice and tag #WWgotyourback and let me see all your marvelous creations.”  The hashtag is being used on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr.

So if you’re a WW fanatic, grab your sword (that you obviously have), snap a pic and post away.

Wonder Woman grossed over $444 million worldwide, but there’s a lot of controversy surrounding the film.  See what it’s about here.

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