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What Do We Make of This Weirdly Sexual NY Apartment Ad?

End of professional courtesy!

Credit: Street Easy

Just like all other professionals during COVID-19, New York-based real estate agents also seem to be reaching new heights of desperation. As the rent prices keep climbing upwards in New York, this 1 bed, 1 bath listing on West 82nd St. in Upper West Side, New York aims to grab the renters’ attention through its vulgar and sexual undertone.

“A sexy king-size one bedroom where you’ll find four, very large closets in which you can hide from your very naughty playmate. And should be lucky enough to be found, the two of you can retreat to the kind-size bedroom where you both can romp and play all night.”

Credit: Reddit Post Screenshot

‘Romp and play all night’? Seriously, what on earth Is going on. Earlier this year we heard the flush of a toilet from a Supreme Court Zoom meeting, then we caught a bunch of people off-guard doing stuff they wouldn’t have done had they remembered they were in a meeting, and now we have agents trying rent out places by getting their own hands dirty.

“Tired of playing with only the two of you? Well then, invite many more dutty guests to partake in communal games, held in your stadium-sized living room.”

We are living in uncertain times. After all who thought we would spend 6 months of 2020, working from home with no pants on. We might as well start seeing sexualized real estate posts.

Some of the commenters are theorizing that this could have been the result of two real estate agents sharing this description as a joke to one another and accidentally publishing it, without reading prior to publishing it online.

But for a single-roomed apartment which is costing $2,500, the renters definitely going to need their naughty playmate to chip in. They got that right.

If you would like to read more New York City crazy stories, check out this article.

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