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Want to Improve Your Daily Life? Try These Life-Changing Habits From Reddit Users

Life changing advice from Reddit users.

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Reddit user u/nweike created a post asking women to share habits that have improved their quality of life, many users commented with advice that we can all use in our daily lives. If you are interested then why not try and start following their advice today?

Lets have a look at some of the responses

Sometimes we need to think about whether someone is contributing to our life or whether they are just affecting us in a negative way. It’s healthy to lose friendships just as much as it is to form them. It is always best to put you and your needs first!

I completely agree with this! Your bed is your best friend after a long hard day at work so it should be really comfy for you. There’s a range of mattresses out there so go make it fun and test out some new ones to see what helps improve your sleep. 

Have you ever went to the supermarket for a reason then when you walk in you completely forget what you need? I’m sure we all have at some point in our lives. This method would save us a lot of time and it would ensure that we have everything we need! It’s a good way to track what you need to do and what you have already completed.

This is one that I can support because I started running during the first lockdown and it has been amazing for my mental health. If you aren’t a big fan of running, you could try going with a friend and starting off slow. It would give you a chance to have a conversation with your friend whilst slowly jogging. If the gym is more for you, then partner up and hit a session.

What do you think so far? Will you try these tips?

Some people are scared to make this jump because they are worried about money but it can be worth it if it increases your happiness. You don’t want to wake up and dread going to work because you don’t like it. We have one life and we should live it to the fullest so if you know you can be happier in a different role, then think about whether it’s worth taking a leap of faith.

Gardening is very therapeutic for some people and it can completely transform your garden. Seeing beautiful flowers can be uplifting and it gives you a sense of achievement knowing that you were responsible for their growth. Why don’t you take it a step further and grow your own fruit and vegetables too. This would allow you to practise your cooking skills too!

These are only a few pieces of advice from Reddit users, but you can already see how following some of them can have a positive impact on your daily life. There’s no harm in trying them, I know I’ll definitely give some a go! Can you think of any tips that you can share?

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