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Virgin Train Company Lets Millenials Pay With Avocados

We all knew this day was coming.

Picture: Virgin Trains

Avocados have come into the spotlight in recent years as an excellent superfood. Millennials especially seem to cling to this fruit with delight and die-hard enthusiasm. Why, you ask? Along with all of the health benefits, people can now pay for their train tickets with avos.

Say what? Well, it is true. Virgin Trains, a train operating company in the UK, recently launched the Millenial Rail Card. Yesterday, Virgin put the Rail Card on sale and all 10,000 of them – aimed at people aged 26-30 – were sold. Virgin then launched the Avocard, which has the exact same function as the Rail Card but is paid for with an actual avocado.

As long as people bring an avocado with them to the train station, they will receive the same discount they would get with the Rail Card. Avos were chosen because of their “cult status” amongst the age demographic.

A spokesman for Virgin had this to say about the deal:

“Passengers who meet the criteria to qualify for a 26-30 Rail Card can bag themselves a discount on their journey with Virgin Trains on the West Coast by simply presenting an avocado at the ticket office instead of the usual Rail Card, along with their photo identification.

And after buying their tickets, the #Avocard can be enjoyed as a healthy snack!” 

The discount comes with some caveats, however. Only trains running from 4:30-10:30am Monday through Friday qualify for the discount. One also cannot book the train in advance. Finally, the ticket has to cost £12, which is less than ideal for those trying to train to school.

At that rate, Millenials may just want to go buy all the avocados they can and forget the train. Avos are better anyway.

Don’t believe that business about avocado marriage proposals? Click here to see couples that said “I avoca-DO!”

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