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VIDEO: Trippy Underwater World Comes From Matthew Villegas Free Dives Into Frozen Lake

Under the icy cloak of the Canadian winter.

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GroPro has been releasing loads of crazy footage lately, but this one is both majestic and chilling. Watch as Free Diver Matthew Villegas takes a GoPro under a frozen lake in Canada.

Villegas takes his GoPro for a dive underneath the icy surface of the lake, the first shot of him being so confusing you’d think he was swimming along the floor of the ocean.

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In actual fact, he’s UPSIDE DOWN, swimming along the frozen ice on top of the lake, which is why you see these air bubbles floating upwards. It’s really a sight to see.

Down under the lake, he encounters a sunken plane and goes inside to explore.

It’s pretty cool. Still scary though.

Not to worry, because in the video you can spot his buddy diving alongside him, and in a couple of shots you can see a few scuba divers in the lake too. Not that dangerous I think.

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