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Now You Can Stay in An Award-Winning Silo House

When homes are outside of the box — literally!

The show The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes on Netflix is like walking through a dreamscape of homes. There are homes in the forests, mountains and even underground! And this isn’t the only show that discusses unusual or fantastic homes — here is a list of 10 shows you should check out!

One of the coolest parts about these unusual homes is how many of them try to leave as little of a footprint on the landscape as possible. The houses try to blend into the background and many of the homeowners try very hard to leave much of nature untouched. Many times, people are using materials that are already around, not creating brand new houses from scratch. So when we saw this house in Phoenix, Arizona in the United States made from an old grain silo, we knew we all needed to see this gem.

The Silo at Night — image via Dwell | Matt Winquist
For more pictures click here!

According to Dwell, this urban beauty has 340-square-feet of living space, much of it vertical. It boasts built in furniture and custom made doors — everything was meticulously thought out and planned by Christoph Kaiser of Phoenix–based Kaiserworks. And as a Phoenix raised woman, I am amazed that something like this is so close to downtown Phoenix!

video via Architectural Digest

One of the best things about the Silo House is you can actually stay there! That’s right, it is up on AirBNB — for $200 USD you can stay in the heart of the city as soon as April. Please be aware that this is a one bedroom, one bathroom home and would not be suitable for children. However, this would be a lovely getaway for a couple needed to recharge during these long winter days.

What type of unusual homes have you seen? Would you pay $200 USD to stay the night in the Silo House? Let us know in the comments!

 Featured Image via Unsplash | Ian Voce
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