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Hurricane Strikes Cruise Ship, Answering Every Only Child On Board’s Prayers For Death

How do you steer a cruise ship clear of thing monster?

Credit: RedCurtainEnt/YouTube

Video footage captured of a New Year’s Cruise steering through a violent “Bomb Cyclone” has proven the existence of God this past week, when every only child on board prayed in unison for our Lord and Savior to strike this ship down.

Teenage only-children are caught a miserable gap. They’re not old enough to drink, nor are they young enough to not need to. The ship’s only children reached a unanimous decision that death would be preferable to spending one more minute in this goddamn cabin.

“Honey, don’t be such a pessimist!” reported Mom. Sources confirmed that the lucky bitch was on her third margarita. “Why don’t you just go out to the deck and socialize! I bet there are some nice boys on board!”

It took about five minutes for the ship’s only children to realize the ocean loses its majesty after the first thirty minutes of staring at it.

A pretty serious storm…

The storm struck with some intense firepower, but what’s more impressive is the ship’s ability to weather it. Check out the video!

If you want to see another video of humans making the ocean its bitch, check this out!

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