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Guy Sneaks Into Abandoned Volcano Town To Capture Stunning Photos

Trip to an explosively active volcano anyone?

Credit: Keow Wee Long

Volcanoes. Fun, exciting and scary as hell.

Being up close to a volcano is an amazing experience, not only because of the outstanding views, but also the history that surrounds it.

Over 7.2 Million people visit Mt Vesuvius every year. The long walk up is hard and of course we all complain, but the moment you look out from the top there is no mistaking that the trek up to the summit is worth it.

Although for some they want the full experience of seeing an active volcano not one that has been dormant since 1944.

Volcano Discovery offer 5 day tours around active volcanoes in Indonesia, the South Sea and even Iceland.

It may seem crazy but the pictures, they speak for themselves. The explosion out of the volcano followed by bright orange lava cascading down the sides of hardened rock.

One couple wanted to get even closer. Keow Wee Long and his wife risked their lives and went into the villages that surround Sinabung, a very active volcano in North Sumatra, Indonesia.

Their aim was to capture pictures of people’s homes and get to know those who had once lived there.

There was extensive reporting on the catastrophes of both the 2010 and 2014 disasters. But non really described the 30,ooo people that were displaced from their homes when the first attacks struck, many never venturing back.

Belongings scattered the outer villages. School books left in abandoned classrooms.

The couple were committed to exploring as much of the area as they could, even sleep rough for 2 nights. I don’t know about you, but there is no way I would have slept when a volcano could go off at any time.

Volcanoes are beautiful and well worth a visit. And for those who like safety, stick to the dormant ones.

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