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Grab a Golden Ticket With Qantas’ Bargain Flights From London to Sydney for £205 Return

Fly from London to Sydney for £205 as part of Qantas’ centenary sale!

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Qantas Airways is celebrating their 100th year with these astonishingly cheap flights from the UK to Australia, but you’d better act fast because they are only releasing 100 ‘golden tickets’ available for 100 hours.

The Qantas website outlines that “from midday each day, there’ll be 20 Golden Tickets from London Heathrow to Sydney, for just £205 Economy return.”

Image via: Ryan Wick / Flickr

However, those who are unlucky in getting their hands on one of these golden tickets can find other deals on the Qantas website, although not quite as much of a steal. The airline is also offering airfares from London to Australia for £699 return as part of their centenary sale.

Qantas have even built an entirely new airplane to commemorate the special centenary, called the 787 Dreamliner, Longreach, which they introduce along with a video outlining the design process on their website.

Even more big things are happening with Qantas Airways, as just days before their golden ticket sale they trialled their first ever 20-hour direct flight from New York to Sydney, which they have named ‘Project Sunrise’.

“we are excited to see what medical science can do to help shape how people fly in the future”

The airline intends to push the boundaries of air travel and test how the human body copes with such long haul flights.

This innovative attitude can be seen in Qantas Group CEO Alan Joyce‘s interview with the Independent: “Regardless of whether Qantas is able to forge ahead with Project Sunrise flights, this data will benefit passengers and crew travelling on existing Qantas long haul flights and we are excited to see what medical science can do to help shape how people fly in the future.”

If you are one of the lucky few to grab a golden ticket, then make sure to check out why Australia may be the best place to live!


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