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Explore Mars While Staying on Earth at Space Camp

Start preparing now in case you get the call to go to Mars!

With conditions on Earth continuing to be a struggle between improving and getting worse, looking to space is still something many consider. Major motion pictures have also made this dream seem like it could be a real possibility someday. Wadi Rum in Jordan has a camp there with pods you can stay, giving you the experience of Mars without ever leaving Earth.

Memories Aicha Luxury Camp within Wadi Rum has been a destination hotel as well as the set of several movies over the years-Red Planet, Mission to Mars, The Martian, and Star Wars films Rogue One and The Rise of Skywalker to name a few. The orangey colored desert makes it the ideal place to film movies but also to be a other planet getaway.

One Visitors Experience

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This is a once in a lifetime experience, especially if looking to space excites you. The Memories Aicha Luxury Camp website and Most Unique Hotels offer up more information and pictures of just how incredible this place really is. Once COVID-19 is under control, I’m sure bookings will be very hard to come by. Those desert days may be difficult but the nights under the stars…I’m not sure how you can beat that. Add this as another must-visit destination after COVID-19, we all have those lists going right now. Keep staying safe and wear those masks, everyone!

Featured Image: Stillz, Roger B. A Night in Wadi Rum. December 17, 2018. Retrieved via

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