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Ever Wanted To Visit The Beach From “The Beach”? You May Not Be Able To For Much Longer

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You’ve seen the movie The Beach right? Remember that paradise our mate Leonardo DiCaprio discovers and inhabits along with a host of strange characters? That paradise is Maya Bay in Thailand and it may not be accessible to tourists for much longer.

According to Thai newspaper Phuket Gazette, Thai officials have announced they may have to close the beach altogether due to significant damage caused to the coral reef. With overcrowding on the beach, along with masses of rubbish and a large number of boats congregating by the shore, this beautiful area is being damaged, potentially beyond repair, and that is why officials have stepped in.

President of Krabi Industry Council, (good luck) Aekawit Pinyothammanotai, said this last month: “The number of tourists traveling to Krabi beaches keeps increasing while the resources remain the same; this results in a lot of trash, noise, and overcrowded boats that makes accidents more likely and long-term environmental damage unavoidable.”

As a result of this concern, officials have decided to shut down Maya Bay from June to September (which is their down-season) to allow some breathing space and a chance for repairs and restoration on the beach. With over 5000 visitors to Maya Bay each day this probably isn’t a bad thing.

Experts say that the only way the area could be fully restored would be to permanently shut the tourist trap, but many believe this will never happen, considering the amount of economy it generates for the area and country.

This area may be a major #travellust at the moment, but with this worrying news, will it be for much longer? Get well soon Maya Bay!

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