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Chernobyl – The Best Ways to Visit

Did watching the show make you want to visit Chernobyl?

Are you dying to visit Chernobyl after watching the acclaimed HBO miniseries? Here’s how!

If you follow television at all, you’ve undoubtedly heard about the HBO miniseries Chernobyl. At the very least, you should know that it is now the highest rated television show of all-time, beating out both Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad.

Promotional poster for the HBO miniseries "Chernobyl."
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Obviously, the show is a dramatization of the events surround the infamous 1986 disaster. The explosion of a nuclear reactor in the former U.S.S.R. ended up being one of the worst man-made catastrophes in history.

Not surprisingly, the success of the show has catapulted the number of visits to the site. Since there are obvious dangers to visiting Chernobyl, SickChirpse presented this handy overview of official tours available.

Chernobyl Tours

Among the most reliable tours is Chernobyl Tour, which has been guiding people through the 19-mile Exclusion Zone since 1986. They’re experienced, have a variety of packages, and are affordable (prices start as low as $99). Packages include one-day and multiple-day visits, and private, river, and air tour options.

If you’re willing to spend a bit more for a more inclusive experience, check out Explore’s Discover Chernobyl tour. With prices starting around $840, this tour includes food, transport, accommodation, and unmatched insight into the surrounding area.

Among the highlights of this tour is the opportunity to explore abandoned sites within the Exclusion Zone. This provides the chance to see how the lack of human activity has allowed nature to retake the area.

Other benefits of the tour include walking tours of some of Kiev’s highlights, including the Chernobyl Museum and the Lavra Reserve, which is known for its extensive catacombs.

Finally, Solo East offers affordable Chernobyl tours starting around $91. These one- or two-day tours include guided visits to the Excursion Zone, lunch, and a minibus to the site.

Due to the radioactivity in the area, it is highly recommended that you take a personal dosimeter-radiometer Terra-P to monitor the level of radiation.

Haven’t seen the show? The trailer will definitely pique your interest.

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