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Theresa May Throws Up A ‘Shaka Brah’ In Photo With Teenagers



Theresa May is currently about to embark on a three week walking holiday in northern Italy and Switzerland with her husband Philip, but before she peaced out for a little bit, she made sure that she had time to visit some of the nation’s youth at the Maidenhead festival in an attempt to get down with the kids.

Theresa May has become one with the UK youth.

The kids, who are all members of the National Citizens Service, were the ones to inspire the British Prime Minister to hang loose and throw up a hand symbol familiar with most surfer bros. Prime Minister May’s attempt at the ‘shaka’ may have been a bit too loose however.

You can’t really blame the British Prime Minister for trying to blend in, plus it’s a harmless and bro-ish gesture. However, it seems like she was trying to figure out how the f*ck to pull off this hand symbol mid-photo, leading to an extremely limp ‘shaka.’

These kids were definitely losing it during this photo. I can just imagine them hysterically laughing at the picture after realizing they successfully got Theresa May to throw up a ‘shaka brah.’ In the never-ending struggle for adults to identify with kids, I think this picture pretty much encapsulates the general attempt to do so. But as a result, the British Prime minister has won the hearts of many, and can now truly empathize with the local British teenagers- or at least that’s what her PR team would probably say.

Prime Minister May, I hope you enjoy your 3 week vacation in northern Italy and Switzerland with your hubby. On your euro holiday, when you’re posing for a pic in Venice, or maybe in the Swiss Alps, please do us all a favor Prime Minister- pose for the camera, smile, and throw up yet another legendary ‘SHAKA BRAH!’

This isn’t the first time Prime Minister May has become entangled within youth culture. Remember when Pepe the Frog trolled her?

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