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Someone Has Reimagined “The Simpsons” As A Bleak British Sitcom

Someone has reimagine what The Simpsons would be like if it was British.

Credit: Alasdair Beckett-King/ YouTube

Someone has reimagined what The Simpsons would be like if it was British.

Comedian Alasdair Beckett-King posted a short clip on his YouTube Channel to show off his new and Briticized Homer, Bart and Margery. The most noticeable difference right away is how much duller the coloration of the show looks. The family is no longer yellow but rather more of a greenish beige.

Credit: Alasdair Beckett-King/ YouTube

The clip opens with Bart entering the kitchen, where Homer and Margery are both sitting. Homer asks his son, whom he refers to as ‘Bartholomew’, if he is out for another day of ‘whimsical japes’. Meanwhile, Margery looks on and ignores the British flag on her plate in place of a meal.

The family remains unfazed as a crack appears in the ceiling and Winston Churchill’s head falls down and hits the table. Outraged, Homer strangles Bart to death before turning to his wife, telling her to mind her own business and eat her flag.

As the outro plays, which is absent of any theme music, a dreary voice lazily sings ‘The Simptsons’, making not to add the ‘t’ to emphasize the British accent.

Credit: Alasdair Beckett-King/ YouTube

The clip was posted on April 2 and has already surpassed 200,000 views.

Many viewers have praised Beckett-King’s work, stating it was a ‘realistic depiction of like in the UK’ or congratulating him on making the most depressing cartoon to date.

One viewer commented, ‘I choked on my flag while watching this. Most amusing.’

King told viewers that if they subscribe to his channel and support his crowdfunding site Kofi, he promises not to make another British Simpsons. ‘This can all end today,’ he jokes.

However, based on the recommendations for other Simpsons British counterparts in the comments, perhaps stopping isn’t what his viewers want.

One person commented, ‘You missed the part where Mr. Burns appears at the window and smirks… ‘splendiferous’.’

Another Suggested that perhaps ‘Homer and Ned haven’t spoken for 15 years after an argument over the bins, today they just toss sh*t in each other’s gardens while trying to film the other tossing sh*t in their garden’.

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