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Zach Braff’s Face Is Plastered On An Erectile Dysfunction Ad

Only in Russia…

Only in Russia...

By now, celebrities probably expect that people will do weird stuff with their pictures. They’re probably aware that any one of their pictures out there might become the new meme. Or someone might photoshop them into images ranging from humor, to worship, to unspeakable horror. All of that is pretty standard considering how weird the internet is. What they probably don’t expect is for this weirdness to bleed over into real life.

Zach Braff (J.D. from Scrubs) recently found out that he was the face of a couple of Russian advertisements. One ended up being an erectile dysfunction advertisement:


Another, more flattering one painted him as a tech wizard


Braff seems to be taking this pretty well. At times it might just be better to lay back and accept your fate.

If you’re looking for some more over-the-top ads, then you should take a look at some of the ones from Japan.

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