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You Might Wanna Thank This Girl Who Will Show You What it Takes to Become an Instagram Influencer

already wanted to know how they do it to become insta-famous? here’s a genuine way.

Credit: David Baxendale

Things are pretty wild these days in terms of getting rich and famous and it’s not corrupted officers, hard-working thieves or loaded grandparents we are talking about. Everyone social media-tuned, especially younger generation, is probably aware or at least heard the word ‘instagram influencer’.

Calling herself Jewish Goth, this NYC based young woman decided to go on a 30-day challenge to hit a goal of getting more than 3k followers from scratch. Just using her charisma.

So how does it really look? Does it take a lot of effort, a bit or pragmatic googling or just a flick of a finger and one pretty smile to get insta-popular? Or would it take more to jump from being insta-popular to becoming insta-rich?

Check out her brave and quite funny journey on here:

We’ve learnt that you definitely need to be a bit crazy and be able to make an extra mile, like running around a busy street in bikini, to attract more followers. We also now know that very insta famous practice their smile for hours… how far would you get and would this type of business suit your personality?

Thanks Sally, your tips are actually handy even if I couldn’t do that myself!

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