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What is UGC and Why is it Taking Over TikTok?

Be in-the-know about online ads.

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User-Generated Content is taking TikTok by storm, with users of the social media app across the world offering behind-the-scenes information on what it is, how to make it, and more.

Social media has recently become a world where people strive to show relatable content in an attempt to connect with viewers and other users. The most recent step that has been taken to accomplish this is highlighting how User-Generated Content (UGC) is made and being completely transparent with their methods, earnings and opinions.

TikTok is home to an array of content and communities, with many famous faces taking an honest approach to their content and sharing things we maybe wouldn’t normally have expected. Whether it’s how they make their content, how much they make from collaborations or just sitting down and being open with their audience, it seems that the app and its users are becoming far more transparent. From well-known accounts to smaller start-ups, all types of individuals and profiles are trying their hand at UGC.


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What Is UGC?

UGC is the photos or videos that are made as a result of brands paying social media users to create content for their business. It could range from a quick 7-second clip on TikTok to a longer form advertisement that can be promoted both on the creator’s page and the brand’s online profile.

UGC covers a wide range of user-produced videos, but in simple terms it is any paid ad you see on a creator’s page. From skincare products to online services, anything and everything can be promoted through UGC. New regulations on Instagram mean that users have to disclose if a product placement is a paid ad, with the same applying to TikTok. There are also several rules and regulations that must be followed which can be found online.

TikTokers have even addressed what they wish they knew before starting a career in UGC, offering helpful tips to anyone who may be looking into beginning to make paid content for brands.

So whether UGC is something you’re interested in or you simply want to learn more about the sorts of content you’re seeing on a daily basis, there are lots of things to know about the paid side of social media.

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