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Twitter Thread Explains The Sinister Truth Behind Our Targeted Ads

Are our mobile phones really listening to our conversations?

Credit: Flickr

Have you ever wondered why your phone always seems to give you adverts for items you have been discussing with friends and family? This Twitter thread explains it all.

Whilst we may joke that it always seems as though our mobile phones are listening to our conversations, the reality is much darker. Twitter user, Robert G. Reeve explained how these adverts on our phones work and why it is so much worse than just our phones listening to our conversations.

However, there is something we can do to stop our phones from accessing so much of our information, and Robert G. Reeve tells us how.

If you have not already, then you should definitely consider blocking apps from tracking you, it will not only protect your privacy but stop you receiving annoying adverts for products you are not interested in.

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